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SolarPunk Society

SolarPunk Society is a publisher, platform, and community that curates all things Solarpunk and grounds the Solarpunk vision into reality.

Our vision is to see humans heal their relationship with Earth by aligning their lives with Earth’s natural rhythms and resources, thus birthing a sustainable and symbiotic future.

The SolarPunk Society Magazine

SolarPunk Society Magazine cover issue 1 shows Solarpunk architecture, lit, art, community, and technology

Solarpunk Aesthetic & Art

Solarpunk aesthetic and art envisions a world where humans have learned to live harmoniously with planet Earth.

João Queiroz

João Queiroz is a Brazilian digital artist born in the Amazonian state of Rondônia. His work focuses on science fiction, especially in the Solarpunk and cyberpunk genres. In 2019, Queiroz created a project named Amazofuturism, an ongoing series of illustrations that mixes Solarpunk and cyberpunk aesthetics with Brazilian Indigenous peoples’ cultures, making its own brand of Indigenous Futurism. He hopes to continue to help build a greener future through art.

Efflam Mercier

Efflam Mercier was always interested in ecology, but it wasn’t until he read Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2018 report that he started integrating climate themes into his art. Its limits to growth, décroissance, and talks of systemic collapse showed him how to think through climate lenses. Feeling crushed by the sense of wastefulness inherent in our thermo-industrial civilization, he wanted to bring that feeling to life through different approaches, from attempts at speculative fiction to corporate allegory and satire. “If bad Solarpunk looks like a Silicon Valley venture capitalist’s wet dream with glorious coal-smelted solar panels, I’m aiming to paint an honest picture of what happens when a fossil-based empire has only greenwashing for a retirement plan.”

Micah Wells

Micah Wells is a self-taught painter who, while creating with prayer and passion, allows the tremor in her hand to guide her strokes. She loves to paint scenes of water, especially ocean waves. This is her first Solarpunk painting called “Freedom Like You Have Never Seen Before,” which she painted live at an event, while spontaneously singing about harmony and freedom to spectators. She plans to continue painting places where she hopes to live one day: Solarpunk Communities with clean drinking water, free for all to enjoy.

Jimmy Duda

For over 10 years Jimmy Duda has been a visual storyteller, concept artist, and art director. He’s worked on high-profile projects such as Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Black Widow, Wheel of Time, The Swarm, and many more. He is the creator of the, internationally exhibited Solarpunk series “SYMBIONT WORLD”, an series of eco-futuristic, Solarpunk artworks that explore a unique, post-apocalyptic, yet hopeful and inviting world.

Recent Solarpunk Feat

Sacred Spiral Garden

A diverse group of women came together at Casa Mama Yemi, a Holistic Cultural Center in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, to celebrate the magic of their body’s lunar cycles, practice sacred ritual, and tend to the Earth. During this first MenstruArte Red Tent Event, the women planted a spiral garden together and offered their own blood in a powerful and ancient Earth ritual. Do you have something to teach or learn? We need you!