About SolarPunk Society

The Society

SolarPunk Society is a publisher, platform, and community that curates all things Solarpunk and grounds the Solarpunk ideal into reality. We produce a quarterly Solarpunk magazine that features art, architecture, literature, community projects, technology, and ancient wisdom teachings. Our Activator community portal provides education on Solarpunk projects, ways to connect to other Solarpunks, and access to submit art and literature to be published in our magazine or online.



Our Vision…

is to see humans heal their relationship with Earth and align their lives with Earth’s natural rhythms and resources, thus birthing a sustainable and symbiotic future.

We seek…

to spark radical shifts in consciousness by propagating Solarpunk art, literature, community projects, and architecture in today’s culture. Through education, open-source sharing, and our Solarpunk Activators platform, we catalyze societies that believe miracles can happen, radically organize with inclusiveness, and encourage individuals to take initiative where they feel motivated.





We Believe…

that if humanity admits and shifts the negative impact of our current global structure, we can halt the destruction of our biosphere. Together, we will leave behind fertile soil and for the next 7 generations.

The New World


SolarPunk Society Activatorship

Solarpunk Society Activatorship is a community network to help Solarpunks around the globe come together and make the Solarpunk vision a reality.

Our Activator platform provides:
  • A member directory to build Street Teams and collaborate on bigger projects
  • Access to past issues of Solarpunk Magazine
  • Groups and forums for specific topics
  • Private and public chat rooms for Solarpunks
  • Ways to create and market in-person and online events
  • Education about whole systems design and life cycle thinking
  • Resources to make it easy to start your own DIY projects
  • Access to our Library of exclusive content
  • An Opportunity to submit art, lit, and projects and get paid if it gets chosen to be published
  • Discount codes to store, events, and special services

The Magazine

Established in 2020, the SolarPunk Society Magazine is a quarterly print and digital magazine that features curated art, architecture, literature, community projects, technology, and ancient wisdom teachings. Its goal is to inspire and educate Solarpunks and help us bring this dream to reality.

This Solarpunk magazine was born out of Micah Wells and Jordan Larsen’s desire to contribute immediately to the Solarpunk movement. They were introduced at Indra’s Awarehouse in Austin, Texas by the owner, Randi Southard.

While brainstorming about what type of art collaboration they wanted to do, Jordan asked Micah if she’d ever seen Solarpunk art. She hadn’t.

The first time Micah’s eyes fell on Solarpunk art, she fell in love with the aesthetic and feeling it gave her. She knew that this was what they were meant to collaborate on. Within days, they started brainstorming and published the first issue of SolarPunk Society Magazine several months later on the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in December 2020.

The Founders

Micah Wells


Since she was introduced to Solarpunk art in 2020, Micah has devoted herself to the Solarpunk movement by personally backing the Solarpunk Society Magazine, Activatorship, and Website. She has become an expert in Solarpunk ideology by researching projects and interviewing community members about how they are taking action now.

She is also a nature-inspired painter, truth seeker, intuitive healer, acro flow-yoga teacher, and community leader. Formerly, Micah was a part-owner of a hostel in Cambodia. There, she discovered her love for creating community and developed a burning passion to do something positive for people and the environment. Micah feels that Solarpunk is her destiny and purpose in this lifetime.

Jordan Larsen


Jordan is a visionary storyteller, multi-media artist, earth steward, and co-creator of the SolarPunk Society Magazine. Jordan has worked and managed intentional communities and ecovillages across the United States. By using his skills in media and community organization, he has connected communities and created new ways for them to share and review resources.

Jordan has spent the last 8 years working with community networks to collaborate on a variety of regenerative land projects. His commitment to Solarpunk is grounded in his commitment to building an earth-bound nation for the next 7 generations.