Mark Korzeniewski

Learn How to Build a Treehouse with Master Builder Mark Korzeniewski

Have you ever wondered how to build a treehouse?

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn to build your very own Intergalactic Treehouse. Master builder Mark Korzeniewski will be instructing and guiding you throughout the construction of a magical treehouse on sacred land. You’ll master solution-based construction techniques, use local and available materials, and work with all sorts of tools. In the end, you’ll walk away with all the skills necessary to plan and construct your own dreamscape treehouse, along with some amazing memories. Experienced builders and novices are welcome and will play a vital part in this project. 

The course will take place over two weeks in Cedar Creek, Texas.

Oct. 29th-Nov. 2nd – Foundations & Platform

Nov. 5th – 9th – Walls & Roof

For more information and to join the course, email

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Solarpunk Treehouse building workshop

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